Live Hardcore Shows

live hardcore shows

live hardcore shows

Hi guys, it’s Shana Lane! Today, the studio had a surprise for me while I was doing a live hardcore shows; a new recruit came to visit me! Normally, the studio sends over guys for me, but this time, it was the sexy Jessica Diamond! Om nom nom! Did I ever tell you I like blondes? Cute little white ass and nicely shaped tits, I was eager to feast on her! I quickly undressed her and spread her legs to reveal her little pink pussy. She was already so wet when I pushed my fingers inside of her, and she tasted good too! Apparently she’s able to squirt, so I eagerly pushed up to three fingers in her tight pussy, which was already sopping wet. After only a few seconds, she was cumming and flinging huge bursts of fluids everywhere, and she wanted more! I kept plowing her with my hand and licking her little clit. I wanted to use a toy, but she preferred my fingers. A couple more minutes of my touch and she was exploding again! Delicious! Jessica has a huge potential… Three orgasms simply from my fingers! I really hope I’ll have a chance to play with her again, and I think you’ll want watch her at Open Life!

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